Writing and Speaking for Business

Text BookWelcome to the Business Communication website. This site provides materials to supplement your reading of the textbook Writing and Speaking for Business. The chapter links at the left take you to the resources available for each chapter. Four general types of resources are available.

Quizzes: Each chapter contains a number of quiz questions, along with answer keys for the quizzes. We recommend that you take the quiz and then grade your own quiz to see where you might need additional study.

Slide Shows: Each chapter contains a PowerPoint slide show that summarizes the major elements of each chapter. The slide shows are helpful for reviewing the chapter content.

Writing Examples: Some chapters have writing samples that highlight the work composed by other students. Our intent is not for you to write your papers exactly like these students have done, because there is no one right way to write a letter, memo, or report. Rather, we hope the samples will provide you with ideas to consider as you develop your own unique documents.

Other material: Additional materials, including links to other relevant websites, may be useful to you as you complete the work required in this class.

If you would like to give suggestions for making this site more useful, please send them to whbaker@byu.edu.

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